Chilean Adventure
contradiction (HOW is Chile so skinny, while making us so fat?). It’s a fascinating place, with Chile Chilean Adventure Chile is a fantastic country that is full of every type of attraction, fascination, and even Patagonia, but we couldn’t resist all that the rest of Chile had to offer. We crossed through the Andes great help with activities and transfers. After Santiago we flew to North Chile to enjoy our favorite: Adventure. to get to Chile and there were some pretty tight turns along the way! Our first stop was also one of
Patagonia or Narnia?
Chile other halfway up the mountain at Chileno, and all hiked to victory at the signature vista of to leave somewhere. The hiking was over, but there is much more to Argentina and Chile. We’ll take you there, next post. Patagonia. Patagonia stretches across southern Argentina and Chile, and both countries heavily protect
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, Tanzania, Kenya), the Middle East (Egypt, Jordan and Israel), South America (Brazil, Argentina, Chile and Botswana) and soon Asia! Come be a travel lover with us!
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