How To Pick A Pack

As usual we did loads of research and there is no limit to opinions.  From the saucy with snarky nomad to the analytical from our fave A Little Adrift.  The skinny- this is a search you gotta do in person.  So read the articles and know what YOUR trip will be.  Then head to the store with the widest selection and the best associates.  Just like online dating, you can't trust the picture or the online description.  

Our Priorities

  • Hip straps to help with weight balance
  • Small pack section that can be separated
  • Multi entry point for oganization
  • Water bottle pockets

In the end, Ryan decided on the Gregory Baltoro 75 Pack and Blakely went for the Osprey Aura 65 AG EX Pack (AG stands for Anti-Gravity.  NDB).  

Last piece of advice from our amazing REI Associate Alison- Comfort is King.  Put weights in it, walk around, get a feel.  You'll be together for a while so you better love each other (the online dating analogy continues...).