Travel Tips from RTW Lovers

Here are the websites that have been helpful to us.  Be sure to check back in as we find more.

Fevered Mutterings Writing Course:  This free (!) writing course is as entertaining as it is instructive.  The lessons come over email which also makes it convenient and easy to keep up.

BootsnAll: An incredible resource for all things in Round the World travel.  The site has extensive travel stories of singles and couples, kids and retirees.  They've got packing lists, flight paths and, most helpful of all, a Master To Do List which makes planning a trip like ours digestible.  You're welcome.

HoneyTrek Blog: When we found HoneyTrek's site, we realized we weren't alone.  An amazing blog of an outstanding couple who jumped into exploring the world and then came home to help others do the same.  Inspirational and interesting, dive into their blog and then take a look at their trip coach site.  Fair warning: you risk feeling that this too can be yours.

US International Travel Dept: A 1 stop site for all visa, consulate and travel advisory information.  Surprisingly fluid and helpful for a government site.

Lonely Planet:  A great starting point for any trip.  Unfortunately it's helpfulness makes it incredibly popular and the destinations a bit more touristy and crowded.  We found it particularly helpful for climate and safety information.

Meet Plan Go: Committed to adding a RTW trip to every resume, they have events all over the country to connect you with like-minded travelers and get you on your way.  A support group of sorts.

Beersandbeans Travel Blog: Extremely fun and wonderfully helpful.  This couple knows so much about so much.  From a photography e-book that will rock your world to a WOOFing packing list to educate all city dwelling farmers, they have what you've been looking for in a travel blog.  Get lost in their articles.

Google: Seriously.  Traveling has never been easier.  Just search it.


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