A Panda from an Indian Zoo

I wish I was a Panda from an Indian Zoo.

Listen up and you’ll want to be one too.

Because when you’re a Panda from an Indian Zoo,

You’re Black, White, Asian, and Indian too!


You’d meet the Indian government,

And go on a World Tour.

You could cross every border

As a great ambassador!


You would represent four groups,

And be strong, steady, and true.

And everyone would want to know

The Panda from the Indian Zoo.


But when you’re a Panda

From an Indian Zoo,

When there's a problem,

They all turn to you!


You must set the example

In how you behave.

You have to be kind.

You have to be brave.


So when you feel a hissy fit,

Rising up in your chest.

You must take a deep breath,

And stay calmer than the rest.


They will criticize you.

They’ll gripe and they’ll moan.

They’ll complain until you scream:

“I can’t do it alone!”


And you won’t be alone!

Be realistic!

None of us are only one color,

One trait, or one characteristic.


Look closely, you’ll see:

We are all Pandas from Indian Zoos.

We’re made up of many ingredients,

Kinda like a stew!


You're a color, nationality,

Origin, and age.

A gender, profession,

Orientation, and heritage!


You represent many groups,

Which is hard in itself.

But more important than that:

You must represent yourself.


No one will judge on color.

By the time you are through.

They’ll see lots of things,

When they look at you.


So watch what you say.

And watch what you do.

And behave like a Panda

From an Indian Zoo.