The World Trip Poem

The World Trip Poem

We reigned among steel giants made on gold,

A Neverland, as rough as it is fair.

Then dared to test in what legend foretold,

That we could leave and make it anywhere.

Inadequate in all but choice to go,

We gave up all in order to explore.

Nothing but questions, yet a peace to know:

The hearts we leave behind will weigh much more.

Such mysteries unraveled over land;

That bravery and fear would come as one.

And being strong, so long as we held hands,

We set off on our dream to chase the sun.

We dove with dinosaurs, showered with bees,

And swam across the thunder where smoke furls.

Held death defying orphans on our knees.

Their lives will revolutionize our world.

We read the language only gods could know,

And chased the purples through our year of Spring.

Slept under palaces and scorpio,

and bowed to peasants after hunting kings.

We kissed in ancient tombs where camels graze,

And felt insane on board the untamed train.

We marveled holy giants in a blaze,

And grieved on through the quartered town of pain.

And then, the rose gold city (please undo).

Where I, your hero. You, my champion.

And ancient wrongs battled our tribe of two.

Our heart’s blood shed to aid a war not won.

But through these tales, too numerous to name,

The miles, clicks, eons of our grand world tour,

They shant tell where our true adventure lay.

And none compare my heart’s journey in yours.

In that, more wonder, passion, history

Than where the swastikas and stars align.

More beauty, danger, heat and mystery,

Than where the dust holds animals divine.

Though home, I can’t see where we started from.

We face adventures, dangers yet unseen.

I’ll rest in this: When I’m with you, I’m home.

Beside you is the only place I’d be.