That time we decided to travel around the world.

<Insert your favorite travel quote here.  Go on.  And make it an inspirational one.>

Our decision to take the World Trip was gradual and spanned over many years of our friendship and courtship.  The path was similar to how we ended up in love-- we can't pinpoint a moment where it happened.  It wasn't a conscious decision.  By the time we had the wherewithal to check, the World Trip was as much a part of our future as kids or buying a home.

We started to do research.  It is CRAY the amount of resources out there.  So many people do this.  There's even a checklist on exactly how to plan a trip around the world.  And Blakely LOVES checklists. 

So we put it off and put it off.  But finally we had to take the first real step...saying our dream out loud to someone besides each other. 

The range of reactions was fascinating (if it wasn't so terrifying.  And if this was an experiment and not our life).  The reality is: people have incredibly different feelings towards travel.  That's true in their own choices and it's true in their judgement of yours.  We were lucky in that we have incredibly supportive friends and family.  

And the others? Well there are always haters.  And as you could guess, we prefer lovers.

So we've decided.  And said it out loud.  We even went to a seminar.  And while there are so many hurdles to jump, decisions to make and tasks to check off, having the words out in the universe seems like the most significant of all.

Thank you to all the lovers.


Blakely and Ryan