Quotes from our Travels

He said, She Said

“I’ve got some bad news.  Instead of Giza, you said we were in Gaza.”          -Ryan spell checking Blakely’s post.

“I wish the sun would go down so we can go to sleep.” -Ryan.  Our habits have changed a bit.  We see LOTS of sunrises.

At a bus station before dawn.  A young ragamuffin boy with a wheelbarrow was helping us with our bags.  He could barely speak English but, before we entered the chaos of the station, he turned and sternly told us: “Don’t trust anyone!”

Same bus station.  The bus driver was cutting a rope with a rock.  Ryan asked if he wanted a knife and the bus driver replied good naturally: “Oh no.  We don’t allow knives in the bus station or we’d all kill each other!”

“Whatever you do, don’t run.” -Our walking safari guide’s advice if we encountered a lion or leopard.

“There’s more to see than can ever be seen.  More to do than can ever be done.” -Circle of Life lyrics and perfect description of our time in Africa.

“This face is too fat to be you.” -Storekeeper to Ryan when she checked his ID.

“Travelers, in general, are horrendous.” -Blakely in a dark moment.  

“Whoa!” -Us 10x per day.