Vaccinations - so hard to love

Lovers guide to Vaccines

Darlings I'm sorry to tell you this, but if you want to travel to the out-of-reach places, you're going to need to pump some love into your immune system in the form of painful injections that often contain live bacteria of deadly viruses.  Sorry pals.  Just keep in mind that $1 massages in SE Asia are a great recovery technique.

A few tips:

  • Know your stuff- Click here for a list of the shots we got and what we opted out of and why.  For the more curious lovers, the Center for Disease Control site is actually very helpful.  Ultimately you'll need to talk to a doctor.  But it's important to know your stuff before you visit.  
  • How to pick your doctor- there are doctors who specialize in travel medicine and they'll obviously know the deal.  However, their business is selling you vaccines so, again, know your stuff.  If you opt out of a travel doctor, your regular practitioner will also work.  For New Yorkers, Blakely got lucky with a regular practitioner Dr. Binsol who is amazing.  Ryan went to a travel doctor and liked how knowledgeable they were, but didn't love how much they pushed the meds.
  • Give yourself time-  start this process well in advance of your trip as some vaccines need to be done over a six month period and you can only do one live vaccine at a time.  

Hopefully this will get you on track for making your right decision.  And again, check out our list for more info.  Real fun stuff.