Reading Partners

What is Reading Partners?

An organization that works with schools in major cities around the country (lookin' at you New York) to tutor students who have fallen behind in their reading abilities.  They match one tutor to each student in order to empower the students as lifelong readers and unlock unlimited possibilities. 

This is Darius.  Yes, he's cooler than all of us.

Reasons We Love Reading Partners:

  1. Anyone can do it.  You don't have to be a teacher because the curriculum is provided and very simple to follow.
  2. The results are measurable so it's easier to stay motivated.
  3. You work with the same child and therefore develop a relationship and provide consistency.
  4. There are multiple time windows to tutor throughout each day so it can fit into your schedule.
  5. Reading is Blakely's passion (obsession).  This reason shouldn't be overlooked-- if you have a hard time giving back and you want to start, pick whatever makes you happiest or angriest and go from there.  

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