Guest Post- Last Minute Checks before Heading to your Gap Year

This is a contributed article from 1Cover. 

It’s nearly time for you to head off on your big adventure. You’re getting excited about heading to the airport and taking off. But have you remembered all the essentials?

Although you can pick up most things abroad, the products might not be exactly what you want. So it’s best to take some items with you in your luggage. We recommend checking you’ve got the following:

1.    Something waterproof

You might be heading off to warmer climates, but it will still rain. In fact, it could pour down for days. Make sure you’ve got a coat to keep you dry. If you get one that packs down to a size that will fit in your pocket or backpack, you can take it everywhere with you and be prepared.

2.    Medical supplies

It’s a sensible idea to pack a basic first aid kit to cover you for minor illnesses. You could include painkillers, cold and flu medication, Imodium, plasters, antiseptic cream, and malaria tablets. You’ll thank yourself later.

3.   A lock

When you’re travelling, your bag will probably contain some precious things you need. Your money, phone, passport and other important documents. Put a lock on your bag and prevent yourself being a target of petty crime.

4.    Flip flops

Flip flops will become your go-to pair of shoes while you’re travelling. Easy to throw on or attach to your bag, you can take them across countries. They’ll be useful pretty much everywhere. Whether you just use them at your accommodation or to walk into town, you won’t regret packing a pair of flip flops.

5.   Ear plugs

You might be patient for your first flight and the first few nights sharing a room at a hostel, but after a while the noise of other people gets annoying – especially when you’re trying to rest. But there’s no need to start complaining. After all, no-one wants to be that kind of traveller. Just pack yourself some ear plugs.

6.    Face wash

Having a fresh face can make all the difference. It’s also worth packing some zip-lock bags to keep all your liquids away from the clothes in your bag.

7.    Loads of underwear

You might be able to get away with wearing the same t-shirt for a week (just), but you’ll need plenty of underwear to get you through the times where you’re away from washing facilities.

8.   A smartphone

Last up, remember your smartphone. It can be your guidebook, map, torch, camera, music, and connection to family and friends across the world. Pack a travel converter to make sure you can make use of this handy tool whenever you need to.

Are you a keen traveller? Share your packing recommendations with us.